Benefits of Structural Intergration treatment

Following a completed structural integration programme can result in the following beneficial results …

Before 1st session After 10th session

The image on the far left shows a side-on view of a client prior to his first treatment. The near image shows the same client following his 10th session. Move your mouse cursor over an image for a closer view and notice the changes.

It’s important to note that his much improved posture, straighter shoulders and flatter stomach, are not due to him ‘sucking’ his tummy in, or pulling his shoulders back for the photo. Rather, the work itself has re-aligned him to where nature intended him to be. Consequently, he feels taller, has more mobility and his joints are no longer under strain.


“I have suffered severe back pain for 12 years. Recently the pain took a turn for the worse, to the extent I could not go to bed at night and found myself crawling and crying on all four’s. My wife had to take me to casualty on 3 occasions, and I had to be admitted once.

As a result of x-ray and CAT scans, I was advised there was very minor damage to one of my vertebrae, but nothing that should cause so much pain. Over the past 11-years, I have been "crunched" by chiropractors approximately 100 times, have had Acupuncture, Physiotherapy and various other treatments. Eventually a chiropractor referred me to Jackie albeit with no great hope.

On my initial treatment I was amazed to be told that my spine was not the problem, and I frankly did not believe this. After only two treatments there was a vast improvement and after six visits I was pain free. I have had 3 x 1 hour and 6 x ½ hour sessions in total. Although I was skeptical after so many different treatments, I am truly grateful that I gave it a chance.”

Gerald, a 52-year old maritime worker

“My 12 year old daughter was crushed by a horse last April. After being told she had broken her sternum, numerous ribs (front and back) and punctured a lung, she was released from hospital, with no referral, after only two days. What followed was a Mother’s desperate plea to see her daughter no longer suffer with pain.

She was living on pain killers 24 hours a day. Although referred for physiotherapy, the physiotherapist discharged her saying my daughter was in too much pain to be touched, to then be referred to hydro-therapy, which didn’t help. After pleading with doctors who kept telling me she would improve with time, they referred her to the Pain Clinic or as I have called it, "the no hope of a cure clinic!!" Here she was again confidently told by the Consultant, that she would improve with further pain killers. First anti-depressants were prescribed. After one dose my daughter was suicidal, these were quickly flushed away. She was then prescribed epileptic drugs - by this time I was at my wits end. When I told the doctor I didn’t want her living on these tablets, I was asked what exactly did I want, because if I wanted her to get better, this was the way forward. The doctor was confident she would not need to take these tablets for the rest of her life, as a lot of people did!

After thinking there was no more to be done, and even wondering if she was starting to imagine the pain, a chance meeting with Jacqueline confirmed that she could see there was something wrong with my daughter’s back without even examining her. When Jacqueline first treated my daughter she could not touch her back, however by the next session she could, gently. Within weeks she was able to work more deeply on her back, so much so, that my daughter now doesn’t take pain killers and is much more flexible. I can’t believe the difference the treatment has made in such a short time. We are sure with Jacqueline’s help, she will now make a full recovery.”

Plymouth Mum

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“Bodies need to lengthen and be balanced, and a balanced body will give rise to a better human being.”

 –  Ida Rolf

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